Author: Tony Bryant
Tony Bryant has lived in Andalusia since 1994 and he is the author of four books of Spanish theme. He also writes articles for various publications concerning Andalusian customs and traditions, the gypsies and their music, and Spanish culture in general. 
He enjoys writing biographies/obituaries, travel articles and book reviews. He has worked as a music journalist and columnist, and has had work published in Spain, France, America and Israel.
Tony is also a regular contributor to the London based Flamenco News magazine and he is affiliated with the state- of- the- art flamenco dance museum in Seville. He also writes for the award-winning www.andalucia.comIn May 2014, Tony Bryant assisted the British Broadcasting Company in Seville with a documentary named ‘The spirit of flamenco’ for which he worked as an organizer and translator; he also played an active role during the recording of the program.  Tony Bryant is considered a leading authority on the art of flamenco and he is often requested to contribute to flamenco workshops, tertulias and radio presentations, although his work is most certainly not confined to flamenco music.His interest in genealogy instigated the most important project of his career thus far, and this work, which involved ten years of research, will be on permanent display in the flamenco dance museum in Seville in 2016.
This project is called ‘The clan of El Pinini’.
It was because of this mammoth project - which included the construction the genealogical tree of one of Spain’s most celebrated gypsy flamenco families - that Tony Bryant was recently requested to help find the long lost son of a Dutch marine who was based in Málaga in 1958.
Through his knowledge of the system, and with the help of his many contacts in Andalusia, he was able to bring this story to a joyful conclusion; reuniting father and son for the first time in fifty-seven years.

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